Householder Stories


Some tenant stories …

(Individual names and some details have been changed for privacy)

Adrian and Samantha

“There is a wide mix of people here and we now have a good network of friends. lt’s a great location, very central and has given us a great sense of stability. lt has been a Godsend to all of us”.

Rebecca and JacobĀ from South Sudan

“We and our children have been made very welcome here. The schools are close and there is a good balance of Aussie and migrant families, and different age groups. Sometimes as refugees we have come from hard times, but we are proud to be Australian citizens and the neighbourhood is very friendly and supportive of us. We have the chance to settle and work hard and maybe get our own place one day.


“Being here has given me the chance to make a real home. l’ve had to share cramped accommodation with others for many years, and whilst you appreciate them trying to help, it doesn’t help your self-esteem not to be able to make your own way. Private rental is just too expensive, but here I have affordable accommodation, and very nice place, my own yard and good neighbours. I feel like l’ve got my life back”.


“lt’s just such a great neighbourhood – we all help each other out – not in your face or anything, but there’s someone there if you need help. And the housing is lovely, and maintenance is attended to quickly. The pastoral worker who visits me is a great friend. l’m very happy here”.

Karen and children

“l’ve been here quite a while and it’s been good to have stable accommodation that I can afford. lt means my kids could go to the same school for all of primary, and then on into secondary. l’ve been able to get some part-time work and make some plans for the future. The place we used to live in was cheap rental, but it had sewerage leaking across the back yard, and the fence was broken down and I couldn’t let the kids out to play as a train line was right there. The landlord didn’t care. Here we have a nice unit with a safe backyard, and park for the children to play in, and lots of other kids around too. lt’s a real community!”