Frequently Asked Questions

Q .What type of housing do you offer?

A.  We offer ‘community housing’-  good quality, affordable rental accommodation for low-income families and individuals through secure long-term tenancies in a supportive community environment.  We offer a variety of units in various locations to meet differing needs.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for applying for your housing?

A.  Applicants must be either on the Office of Housing Wait List, or waiting for approval.  This criteria ensures that applicants are assessed as being in need of social housing due to low income and other considerations.  We focus on applicants from the cities of Whitehorse and Maroondah or nearby, but applicants from other areas may be considered.  Applicants can be simultaneously on our Wait List and Office of Housing and other housing agencies’ Wait Lists.  Applicants may also be considered even if they already living in government or other social housing.

Q. What is the Application process?

A.  Prospective applicants should contact our Head Office on 9899 4356 and request an official Application Form and related Information to be sent to them, or arrange for collection.  Once the form is completed, and relevant information attached, the form should be returned to the Housing Officer for processing.  Applicants will be informed in writing that their application has been received, and a time made for an interview, preferably in the applicant’s current accommodation.  If the interview is successful, the applicant will be added to our Wait List for preferred accommodation type and areas.  There is an Annual Wait List Review.

Q. You are church-based – do applicants have to be Christian, or be ‘religious’?

A.  No.  We have applicants and tenants from a variety of religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  We focus on respect for the individual, compassion for those struggling in life, and encouragement for tenants to treat others around them with the same respect and compassion.  We offer pastoral care visitation/support through our sponsoring churches, but this is entirely optional.

Q.  How long do Applicants wait to be housed?

A.  As a small housing organization, we do not have a lot of accommodation available, and those who enter it tend to stay long-term.  Therefore our turnover is low.  However, should accommodation become available, we will consider all Applicants on the Wait List who would ‘fit’ the size and location of the unit.  We would also look at their length of time of the Wait List and their current living situation and needs.  A key factor is selecting the appropriate family/individual for a complex so as to keep a balance of tenancy types.  This helps keep a strong neighbourhood resilience across generations, family makeup, individual needs and practical considerations, such as for those with a physical disability.